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Un gând despre “CERTIFICATUL DE ANALIZA 2013

  • Helene

    We came to Methoni  in 2007 and built a little house. We love moussaka but how much can you eat? And how much oil do you need? A lot it turns out, but it must be good. It also turns out that not all Greek oil is good (who knew that?). Here, in a special place, you can eat wonderful oil on wonderful food- really you can. The oil is deep green, rich and full. It sings. Cold-pressed and organic. The real deal. The food might be lobster or lentils, octopus or orzo. You might have your birthday with everything hand cooked 'from scratch' with beautifully fresh things ( we did) to a live bouzouki. We have been coming here many times a week for years and we always will. We take the oil home too. Why on earth wouldn't you!